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Hey There, 

Want to become a master storyteller and get people to drop what they’re doing to hang on every word that you say? 

Yeah? So tell me this: what is the one element in a story that must be present in order to inspire someone take action? 

A good plot? 

While this is helpful, it’s not as crucial as what I’m talking about. 

Well developed characters? 

Again, well developed characters certainly keep the story interesting and keep the story entertaining, but it’s not necessarily what’s needed to get people to take action. 

What is it that really gets people to sit up and take notice of what you’re saying in your story? 


Your story has to appeal to the listener’s emotions in order to have a chance at influencing or persuading them. 

Without emotion, the story just falls flat regardless of the plot or the character development. 

Don’t believe me? 

The why do we root for the hero in the story? 

Usually because he (or she) is trying to right some injustice that’s been done – usually an injustice that stirs deep feelings about what’s right or wrong. 

Want to see the underdog succeed? Then you probably have an idea of the hardships that they’ve gone through and the crap that they’ve put up with to get their chance to succeed. 

So when you’re telling a story (whether your personal story or not) make sure that you’re bringing out the emotions in the story that you listener can identify with. 

That’s how you get people to get up and take action. 

By the way, using emotion in any goals that you have can also inspire you to take action yourself. 

What’s more inspiring: losing weight because your doctor tells you that you need to drop 20 -30 lbs., or having your young son or daughter tell you that they want you to be around for a long time so that they can spend as much time with you as they can? 

Big difference. 

So if you’re making goals for yourself for the year, make sure that you are connecting to the emotions that come up for you and take action. 

And then make sure you are including emotions in your stories as well and watch as people not only remember but do what you suggest in the story! 

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Until ext time, have a great day! 


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