The One Leg is Shorter than the Other Trick

Here are a few examples of street healing “ministries”

Now watch Derren Brown (BBC) explain what is really going on here from his show Miracles for Sale

Now that you have watched both of these videos you can see what is going on here. Mr. White like many, many other folks out there claiming to perform miracles by God are clearly not being up front with everyone. The purpose of this is not to specifically point out Todd White (I could have found any other person performing these tricks). The point here is to show that there are people out there that are KNOWINGLY performing trick acts to get people to think that God has healed them, when CLEARLY HE HAS NOT.

If you watch the whole show “Miracles for Sale” you will see that these “healings” are nothing more than hypnosis and mind tricks. I encourage you to watch this video as it really opens your eyes to what is going on in the “faith healing” world and exposes the truth behind what is really going on. While Derren Brown is a self professing atheist, and certainly not a Christian, I applaud him in his efforts to show what is going on here. In the end here, we need to respect peoples choice to believe or not believe in the Christian faith. God himself has given us the same choice. (maybe a topic for another discussion).

This is a huge deception and a travesty played against humanity.  These people come up to people, claim they are representing God and then perform faux miracles to get them to “believe”.  This does nothing more than drive a wedge between God and the individual and this person is really doing a disservice to God and his people.

I once had a boss that I worked for tell me that he believed there is a place in hell called “sub hell” where these charlatans will most likely end up in.

I tend to agree with him.

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