Love Bombing – Cult Tactic

Love Bombing is a tactic often employed by cults as a way of luring prospective members.  Current members typically “love bomb” potential or desired new recruits by showing them with affection, praise, and offers of friendship.  Experts warn that this seemingly kind and welcoming practice is often the first step in a mind control (“brainwashing”) process that leads to religious conversion or involvement with a group that may be harmful to its membership or society.


I was made aware of this once I left.  A member of the group told me that they were instructed to give us special treatment and to be extra nice to us.  I was showered with attention, and people found just about everything I talked about interesting.  I felt a sense of belonging and I felt understood.  I felt that I was in a place where “real” love was going on.

This technique created a sense of euphoria and belonging.  I felt loved and appreciated and longed to give back the same feelings.  When new people came, I would always be so excited to meet the new people and be around them, listen to them and encourage them too.  Both the giving and receiving of the love bombing was rewarding.

This tool is not only a hook, but its also the net which entraps them member into the group.  Many people often wonder, “Why would you stay there?” after hearing about much of the bad practices and abuse, and mind control going on.  The love bombing created a “high” that was always longed for.  It can easily be compared to the gambling addict.  (S)He keeps going back to the casino again and again, loosing every time, hoping for the next “big win”, and every now and then, there is a win.  That keeps them coming back, and over time, the addict has lost way more money than they have won.

Its the same thing with cults. Similar to the boiling frog story that can be placed in a pot of cool water, and then slowly heated up to a boil.  The frog can escape at any time, but doesn’t notice the change until it is too late.

Here are a few other videos I found interesting on the topic of love bombing that really help explain the concept.  I apologize for any inappropriate language. Also, please don’t focus on the specific groups, but rather the concepts that are being presented.

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