Denzel Washington blew it … 12/31/2014

OK, it probably wasn’t Denzel’s fault totally. 

I guess I blame the writers more than anyone else. 

You see, I just spent about 2 hours watching one of Denzel’s recent movies. 

It had all of the makings of a block buster! 

Drama, intrigue, lots of fight scenes and even some good explosions! (Hey- I didn’t want to think too much- I just wanted to be entertained)!

But there was one crucial thing that the writers forgot to include that made the movie (in my mind ) tank. 

And if you want to get good at storytelling, this is one element that is crucial to making your story believable and having people relate to your story. 

So what was the element that was missing for me? 

In the story there was no “fatal flaw” or obstacle that Denzel’s character had to overcome to make the character seem more “human” or believable. 

And because of this the movie took on more of a surreal quality, a quality that I’m not sure that the producers were going for. 

As a viewer, I wanted to root for the hero and see him overcome impossible odds to achieve his mission, but by the time the big fight scene happened, I just wasn’t feeling it for the character. 

And it can all be traced back to that missing step in the storytelling plot. 

So the lesson here is that if you want people to be on your side, to root for you and want to see you succeed, they have to know about the demons that you’ve overcome to appreciate your successes. 

That’s just my two cents. 

But there are tried and true elements of storytelling that must be included when you’re trying to move people to take action or to influence and persuade them to do something that you want. 

Some of these elements are obvious and some not so much. But I cover a lot of them in the Hypnotic Hacks ebook

As a matter of fact storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to subtlety influence and persuade someone that you can have in your arsenal. 

So if you’re ready to take your storytelling to the next level, check out the Hypnotic Hacks ebook today. 

Until next time, have a great day! 


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