Cults are not about Religion

OurAmericaShotWhile my experience comes from what cult experts call a “Bible Based Cult”, cults are not confined to religion, Christianity, New Age philosophies, Buddhism, finding your perfect chakra, etc…  That happens to be one perspective of cults.  Ultimately once you realize what is going on, the religion or spirituality is not the center of what is going on,   the religion is only a tool or a mechanism for engaging in mind control and providing a means to tear down internal barriers.

What seems to happen in Bible Based Cults is that the doctrines of Christianity become a “red hearing” and usually leads people down a path of redirection and completely misses the whole concept of how cults work and the whole mind control.

But it is easier just to call someone a false prophet and disprove their doctrines.  But then it comes down to a disagreement of philosophies and it looks like the age old argument of “tastes great, less filling“.  If you have ever heard the phrase: “You can’t argue with a mad man”, then you will understand that cult members eventually take on the identity of the cult leader or the cult group and when encountering with a doctrinal discussion with a bible based cult member, your really not going to get anywhere, because you will essentially be arguing doctrinal differences with the cult leader.  Unless you can tear down those psychological barriers.

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