Are You Greedy Like This? 12/30/2014

I recently found myself in the shopping mall. It was just after a big holiday so I thought my wife was crazy for suggesting that we go.

Unfortunately for me all three of the kids had gift cards to one store or another in the mall.

So off we went.

My youngest son has a hard time saving any of his money, or gift cards, and so he was the one most interested in shopping.

Here’s what was motivating him though. He went over to a friend’s house to play and noticed that she had a particular toy that he didn’t have.

And because he didn’t have it, it was all that he could focus on.

Even despite all of the toys that he received for Christmas (and there were a lot), he wanted this one particular toy.

My wife warned him that it was the type of toy that he would play with for a week and then forget about.

That only made him want it even more.

It got me to thinking – there is definitely something about not being able to get something that makes us want it even more.

And it’s not just a kid thing.

It’s definitely an adult thing too.

It’s just that the toys get bigger and more expensive when you’re an adult, but the desire is still there.

Certainly big businesses have learned this. When you limit the supply, the demand goes up, and when there is plenty of supply there is little demand.

Economics 101.

So how is this principle used when it comes to influencing and persuading people?

In some instances you can limit your time. What do I mean?

If you put a deadline on your offer or suggestion, this can have a focusing effect on people.

They perceive that if there is a limited time to get or obtain something, then there is some inherent value in it.

It may be seem more valuable than the exact same thing that doesn’t have a time limit on it.

Here are a couple of examples of what I mean:

1) Want to get a breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s? Get there before10:30 am otherwise you’ll be eating lunch instead.

2) Need to talk to a help desk about a computer problem? If the help desk hours for live support are from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on MWF, then you’d better schedule your time around their’s if you want the live help.

3) Any “sale” that has a time limit on it can be effective, particularly if the time is limited as well as the quantity of the item for sale.

so here’s a question for you: what can you do to put a limit on your resources so that they appear more valuable?

Hit reply and let me know. If there are a lot of great answers then I’ll share with everybody.

And if you want to learn other strategies on how to get people to take action on your ideas or suggestions, check out the Hypnotic Hacksebook. You can find a description about it here.

Until next time, have a great day!



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